Here, you can find a selection of some of my projects. If you want to see more, take a look at my GitHub page linked on the home page.


RequestLab is a simple, free, multi-platform tool designed for HTTP API development, debugging, and testing.

Technologies: SwiftUI, SPM, Realm Swift, Swiftlint


SimpleToast is a simple, lightweight, flexible and easy to use library to show toasts / popup notifications inside iOS or macOS applications in SwiftUI. Because of the flexibility to show any content it is also possible to use the library for showing simple modals.

Technologies: Swift, SPM

IBM 1401 Emulator

A simple emulator for the IBM 1401 for Mac computers written in Swift.

Technologies: Swift, SPM

Image To Base64 Encoder

ImageToBase64 is a simple, free to use image encoding utility that lets you convert your local image files to base64 code for use in HTML image tags, E-Mails, etc.

Technologies: UIKit, SVGKit, Swiftlint

ThreeT - SwiftUI

ThreeT or 3T is a simple implementation of the famous board game Tic-Tac-Toe (a.k.a. Xs and Os or noughts and crosses) in SwiftUI, based on an old text based implementation I wrote some time ago.

Technologies: SwiftUI, Core ML